New Year’s Resolutions and Questions


As we look forward to the many events in which are yet to come in 2010 I’d like to take a moment to reflect on what I’d like to accomplish this year. I’ll give you 12 resolutions for the 12 months that are in a year.


1. Snag 10 baseballs in a regular season Arizona Diamondbacks game, get 100+ balls total for the season, get as many autographs as possible.

Yeah, I’ve only tried snagging at a regular season game once and came away with two balls. I’d really like to try and achieve this. I’d have to attend at least 12 games to even achieve this, I believe.


2. Go to batting practice before every game I attend in 2010.

Nope, never have I been to batting practice before. Like I said I have gotten 2 balls at a game before though.

3. Retrieve one baseball at a regular season game with the glove trick.

One time a baseball went over my neighbor’s fence and I tried to use the glove trick to get it but the sharpie fell out thus ruining my chances to get the ball and also hooking my neighbor up with his very own sharpie.

4. Snagging 3 foul balls in a regular season game.

I’ve gotten one off the bat of Josh Barfield before at a Spring training game in Arizona but never have I gotten one (or tried) in a regular season game.

5. Catch a home run ball in a regular season game.

This one might be one of the toughest ones to accomplish as there are only so many home runs hit per game and one would have to be within a 10 foot radius of me for me to get it.

6. Save up enough money and go to a “Watch with Zack” game.

I’m only 14 so I’d say saving up $500+ for a baseball game with him will be my toughest resolution this year.

7. Attend as many Spring Training games as I can.

Living only 5 minutes away from Peoria Stadium (The spring training home of the Padres and Mariners) you’d think it’d be easy to do this but because the games all start at 1:05 PM and I have school that doesn’t get out till around 2:30 this would be hard. I’d like to get season tickets for the lawn so I can roam around for home runs.

8. Catch 3 home run balls during the Spring Training season.

I hope this is a reasonable resolution as there is a lawn you can run anywhere you’d like on and hopefully I can use that to my advantage to catch a home run.

9. Get over my fear of asking a player for a ball.

All the other ball collectors on MLBlogs do it, so why do you get so scared of asking for a ball? I’m really not sure why, for fear I’m imposing on them or I accidentally ask when they’re not done playing catch yet, or that they’ll think it’s rude to shout for a ball. I dont know, it’s stupid really.

10. Snag 5 foul balls during the spring training season.

I’d like to think that this would be easy but actually if I’m on the lawn waiting for home runs, how can I get foul balls?

11. Snag 2 home run balls in 1 spring training game.

I think, if I position myself right, I could do it. But I’m not sure.

12. Snag 2 game balls in 1 regular season game.

I’m not sure if I could do it but I’m more apt to achieve this resolution going after foul balls.



Now I have some questions for you.

1. Do spring training games have batting practice?

2. How much do Spring Training season tickets cost for a lawn seat?

3. I’m thinking about buying a camera to take pictures at all the games, I’m thinking the Fujifilm S5700 camera right now, has anyone used this before, especially for sport photography, or even in regular photography? Do you have any suggestions on what to get? I’m looking for a relatively inexpensive camera.

4. Do you have to pay for parking at a Spring Training game? I can’t remember. I’d like to just get dropped off at all the games but do you know if that’s allowed?



  1. mattpeas

    nice blog man. congrats on setting your goals high. im in the market for a new camera as weel. I have a nikon coolpix but want to upgrade. Id suggest a Cannon. Ive heard nothing but good things and thats looking like what I am going to go after

  2. xcicix

    Canon PowerShots are really nice cameras, even my four-years-ago model is still very good. They have good quality and a nice automatic focus, very user-friendly as well.
    Good luck to you with snagging balls.
    It is definitely rough to get money when you’re 14 because you can’t get very well-paying jobs.
    And when Mark Reynolds plays for your team, if you sit anywhere in the outfield you’ve got a chance–that guy can hit them really far.
    Welcome to the blogosphere!!

  3. cookandsonbats

    wow – you don’t mess around with your goals. good luck.
    My parents have a winter place in Peoria. The Sports Complex is a great place. I love it.
    As for cameras, I use a Canon Powershot SX200IS. I love it. It has a HUGE zoom — 12xOptical, 4xDigital, 48xTotal Zoom. It’ll take nice pictures of the batter from the centerfield seats. As I said, I love it. Good luck to you.

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